Afro Chic (Part 2)

November 10, 2016

Hi Guys! Hope life is treating y’all well.
So I had promised to do a series on how to wear African print (wax print) since I’m oh-so-obsessed with them! This is the second post, I’ll be doing one more and I hope you guys will find it insightful.

I recently wore this outfit to Thrift Social Wax Print Edition and got so many compliments and questions about it, I just had to post it up here and answer all those questions.
I got this nice pink print material from my auntie who lives in Nigeria and I cannot stress how much I am in love with it. I’m also a sucker for tailor-made clothes because the fit is always better than store-bought clothes so I definitely had to make something out of this material.
I decided to steer off the off shoulder trend (although I’m so in love with it) and go for a strapless top with a flair instead. It initially started off as a halter neck top but my tailor and I decided to modify it and use the straps to make a DIY chocker. I didn’t really have time to go all the way with it so I just held it at the back with a tiny pin.
As for the pants, I’m really feeling the wide legged trend so I had to infuse it into this outfit. Wearing a full African print outfit can a bit tricky sometimes but the secret is to not mix the prints unless you’re completely sure about it. Otherwise, wear that African print and flaunt it girl!Hope you guys enjoyed this post, please feel free to leave a comment. Have a lovely weekend.
Love & Light,
Shary. ❤️

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  • Suitup55

    Wow!! Love the african print and how you styled it as well. The smile makes it even more unique. Great post!!

  • Al

    U r so beautiful!!! I love the pattern and the colours. U look real sexy with ur hair short too. ;) x x x