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March 5, 2015

Hello Guys!

Hope you’ve all been well. This is the first in a 5 series edition that I’m doing featuring people that I find fashionable of different shapes, sizes & gender. I style them out of their own wardrobes and show you how you can achieve their different looks.


So on this post, I got to work with the lovey Aby Boella. She’s the true definition of a woman comfortable in her own skin who embraces her body. Apart from her fashion sense, this is I love about her.


For her first look, we went for a causal everyday outfit. We put together pants, a simple loose top tucked into the pants and black boots.



Since it was such a simple look, we added accessories such as the hat, sunglasses and the bag which complemented the whole look perfectly.


For the second and third looks, we decided to do midi skirts. Midi skirts have been on trend for a while now and they’re definite must haves.



We went with a simple grey for the top which looked so good with the skirt then  added a bright red lip to brighten up the look. Remember, when in doubt, a touch of lipstick is always the answer to a dull outfit.


For the shoes, we went with simple flats but you can opt for a sandal heel or pumps for a more professional look. Add on a jacket for a night out and you’re good to go.


For other outfit suggestions, you could try on a fancy loose top with tights or pants, skirts that flaunt your curves as well as umbrella skirts.

Also, invest in a couple high waist belts that bring out your waist line especially when you’re wearing loose tops so that the outfit doesn’t look sloppy.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I wanted to bring out fashion in a different perspective and show it to you through other people that you might relate with.

Stay ready for the next upcoming posts. I have lots lined up. If you want to be featured after my fashionable five, reach out to me and I’ll come raid your closet too and help you figure out what to wear with what and the Do’s and Dont’s.

This one was for all the big beautiful women. Keep embracing those curves and stay fabulous!


Yours fashionably,


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  • Lorraine Tina

    WONDERFUL :) GORGEOUS :) PERFECT. Really proud of you Sharon.

    • Sharon Mwangi

      Aw Asante Sana ☺️

  • kateybenson

    I love the blog awesome work….I’ll definitely be checking this site out…

    • Sharon Mwangi

      Thank you Kate :)

  • Nyokabi Nyoike

    so proud of you babe!!! Am happy for you!!!!

    • Sharon Mwangi

      Aw Thank you. Thank you for reading as well ☺️

  • Lizlizo

    Wow she is absolutely beautiful and she has great style too!

    – Liz

  • Diana Eileen

    This is lovely Sharon. I like the way you have touched on us plus size girls…it shows your flexibility in styling…☺☺
    Good job

    • Sharon Mwangi

      Thank you Diana!

  • Njurus

    The lady…….Yummy :-)