Channeling Monroe

September 24, 2015

You know those days you wake up and just want to look fabulous without having to try too hard? Well, i have the perfect remedy for such days. Umbrella skirts! They’re effortlessly timeless and oh-so-chique. For this post, I picked three different ones of the same length but different color and texture to show y’all how to wear these particular type of skirts.



The trick is to find one that’s just below the knee but above your ankle so as to not confuse it with maxi or skater skirts. Also, umbrella skirts are a bit more structured that the other skirts which basically make them what they are. I literally felt like I was channeling my inner Marylin Monroe who made these skirts popular back then.

The first one that I picked was a white tulle-like umbrella skirt. I paired it with a plain, white long sleeved top which was tucked into the skirt since these skirts are mostly high waist.



The second one was a pale blue umbrella skirt. I chose to wear it with the same white top as the other two skirts. This skirt was a bit longer than the other two although they can all be worn the same way.


I added a clutch bag that I am absolutely in love with just because of how artsy it is as an accessory. I got it from Keeky’s collection located at Diamond Shopping Mall, shop number 1o for about 2500 Kenya Shillings.

The last one (and my personal favorite) was a red one also from Keeky’s collection. Pumps are ideal for wearing with these type of skirts because they just go so well with the whole ensemble. I also added a beaded Masai cuff to finish off the whole look.




You can wear this to work, school, an event or even just on a casual day out in town with flats instead of pumps. You can also choose to wear a more fun top like a crop top or a bralet with strappy sandal heels. Either way, you cannot go wrong with an umbrella skirt!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know which outfit you liked the most. If you haven’t voted for me yet in the Mimi Online Shop competition, please like my picture on their Instagram page (MimiOnlineShopKenya), Facebook (MimiOnlineShop) and retweet on Twitter (MimiOnlineShop) to allow me to go through to the next round of the competition. For those who’ve voted Thanks a bunch!

Yours Fashionably,

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  • Joan Aluoch Melissa

    Aah. Recently started following you. Could your style be any more awesome? You look amazing!
    Quick question, where can I get the blue umbrella skirt? A number would be even better :’)

    • StyleByShary

      Hey. Sorry there has been a problem with my disqus so I couldn’t reply your comment earlier. The skirt was a gift from a friend but I’m sure you can find one maybe at Toi/Gikomba

  • Linda

    The red one is the but all three are gorgeous..keep slaying!

  • shades of bellz

    the red skirt is amazing!! and the white skirt, loving it!!

  • Stella

    In love with this blog officially n the red skirt is on point n u look amazing in all ur posts.

  • Rae

    hey what lipstick are you wearing? It’s lovely

  • Sharon Murugi

    the first skirt is so cute …….loved how u look in all the skirts. really enjoyed going through this post