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April 4, 2015

Hi Guys! Hope you are all enjoying your Easter Holiday so far. This past week, I had the chance to work with my good friend Leo as a part of my fashionable five for all the men that who have been asking me to do a post for them.


For his first look, which was a casual look we paired denim shorts, a plain white tee and simple maroon/black shoes.




Plain tees are an essential for every man. Apart from white, get solid colors like black and grey. Such tees are very versatile and literally go with almost everything. When shopping, buy more shirts and t shirts than bottoms. This way, you spend less and have more pieces to work with when putting outfits together.


Such shorts are also a necessity especially for a casual day look. If you’re adventurous with your style, put on a button up shirt instead of the t shirt, add a blazer plus brogues and transition with it for a night out. If your style is more of casual than official, invest in a couple of hoodies, sweatshirts, printed tees and jeans (lots of them)!


For Leo’s second and third looks, we cleaned it up a bit and paired two different button up shirts with black plainĀ  official pants and shoes.

DSC_2357 DSC_2297

Don’t be afraid of color when buying your shirts. Colors such as maroon, a subtle green and blue brighten up dull outfits. Avoid mixing the colors of the shirt and the pants. If you’re going with colorful pants then do a plain shirt and vice versa.


Prints such as this one are also a big trend that men should embrace. Don’t go for the most plain shirt you see.


As a man, your main accessory in any outfit should be your watch. Its one of the things that never goes unnoticed so men, invest in a couple of nice watches.


Another must have for all men in their wardrobes is a nice pair of shoes! Be it Converse, Vans, Jordans ,Brogues or official leather shoes ( whichever fits your style). A couple of slim ties,stylish belts, fitted blazers and sweaters are also must haves especially for official/work looks.


One last tip: Cologne. A good scent on a man is one of the biggest turn on for ladies.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, i will be doing another post for the men soon so if there’s anything you’d like me to add on that post please feel free to leave a comment.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend and remember to pray for Kenya and all the lives lost in Garissa.

Yours Fashionably,


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  • Keri


  • Pmarket

    Wow.. You also do men’s fashion.. I knew i like your your sence of style is great.
    Good one shary

  • Lexx

    You blog about men’s fashion with inspired..Would love to do a shoot for you (as the model) #LifeGoal