Floral Print Vibes

March 31, 2017

Hello good people! So, I was recently going through the blog and I realized that I’ve never done a post on anything floral; even though I’m quite obsessed with the print, such a shame, huh?

This post is therefore dedicated to everything floral. Despite the numerous floral items in my closet, I decided to go with a floral kimono that I got for only 300 shillings.IMG_2130IMG_2134IMG_2132Ever since I discovered Instagram thrift stores, my life has not been the same. They really make shopping easier, especially if you’re too lazy or too busy to actually go thrift shopping yourself.

This specific kimono is from @wear.instyle (on Instagram). I wore it as a cover up at the beach when I first got it, but I now use it for my outfits as well.IMG_2136IMG_2135IMG_2133

The trick about wearing floral prints is to wear them specifically for your body type. If you consider yourself apple shaped- meaning you’re bust heavy, then wear the print as pants, long skirts or palazzo pants so as to draw attention to the lower part of your body as opposed to the top.

Pear shaped (hip heavy) women, should instead opt to wear the print as a top and draw attention there. For those who are tall and slender, wear more head to toe floral prints, for example in the form of a dress, but do it smartly.

A large floral pattern can overwhelm a petite woman so if you’re short and petite like me, then a miniature pattern is the way to go (and vice versa for a woman with a lager frame). Also, focus on items such as kimonos and jackets that are form-fitting.IMG_2137IMG_2142IMG_2144

Lastly, tone it down! Prints in general can sometimes be hard to wear, so go with staple items like these blue high waist pants and white vest that I chose to pair my outfit with.

I hope this post was insightful, do leave a comment with any other things you’d like to see on the blog. Thank you for reading!IMG_2138



(Shot by BuoArt)

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  • Tineruvimbo Mudzingwa

    l really love this look, its so gorgeous. I am also a blogger and i look up to you girl, keep slaying.

  • Grace mungai

    Wow u r slaying this look :)

  • Kate

    I like this outfit.

  • Maxyne Kinyua

    I really love the outfit… Generally I love your blog Sharon

  • Ms. Valentine_Joanne_Wanjiku

    I am obsessed with florals too, this is breath taking