Keeping Up

March 27, 2018

Hi Guys! *Insert YouTube voice* Long time, no see.

I’m back and this time with one of my current favorite trends. I don’t always keep up with trends but I’m super obsessed with this one, I can’t help it. Ever since I saw the Beret trend, I knew I had to have one. So of course I ran to the best thing I know, thrifting.

I found this cute structured skirt then paired it with a black turtle neck and my favorite thigh high boots! I’ve always wanted thigh high boots, got them and just stared at them in my closet for the longest time as I waited for the rainy season. Oh, Nairobi Weather :D


You definitely cannot wear this look on a sunny day but with the bipolar Nairobi weather, you never know when rain will sneak up on you!

The biggest tip on wearing the beret is to first place the band on your forehead, this way it gives it more structure. Adjust it to your liking, either sideways, backwards or even fluff it up depending on your face structure. For oval and round faces, it is best to wear them on the side while those with triangular and square faces would have an easier time pulling them to the back. IMG_8907IMG_8926 (1)

This is a trend you definitely want to keep up with as it’s bound to give all your outfits just the right amounts of sass!

IMG_8943 (1)

Thank you for reading and I hope that you found this post insightful. Are you looking forward to keeping up with the trend? Let me know!



Beret: @dimestore90 (Instagram)

Top: Mr Price

Skirt: @ZumiKenya

Shoes: @ShoeStruckke

Photography: @glaubenphotography

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