Off Shoulder Goodness

June 27, 2017
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First things first, I know I said that I’ll be posting more often and I have to apologize for not keeping my word. Life really came at me fast when I started a full time job even before I was done with my final exams so you can imagine how hectic it has been for me since I have never worked a full time job my whole life. That aside, let’s dive into the post.

IMG_03025Would you believe me if I told you that this ensemble (minus the shoes) cost me less than 1000 Kenya Shillings? Yes! I thank the heavens everyday for thrift shopping that allows us to look bomb and save our money at the same time.

So ever since I started my office job, my style has slowly started to change into more official stuff that I would usually not wear. I however still don’t want to lose myself and wear boring stuff so I found a way to look fierce but still formal. Other days I’m tempted to show up in my pajamas but when I’m not, this is usually what I wear.

IMG_0306 (1)3Instead of wearing a usual black pencil skirt, I looked for something with a little slit and give a little thigh action. I then paired it with this chiffon lace up off-shoulder top that I found on a local online thrift store on Instagram- @wear.instyle for 300 kshs. Instead of wearing it in the usual off shoulder style I let it hang loose and showed a little cleavage.

As for the shoes, you must have classic pumps in your wardrobe that are your go to when you’re looking to spice up your outfit. These are it for me. I bought them at a store at Two Rivers Mall called Platform, it stocks Zara items and not the old 2001 Zara stuff; what a gem!

IMG_03071You can as well transition with this outfit into a night scenario with sandal heels instead of pumps which makes the outfit look a bit too serious. I hope y’all enjoyed this post and got some style inspiration that you can channel into your own wardrobe.

Thanks for reading and if you haven’t watched my latest YouTube video, watch it here: (Due to copyright issues you won’t be able to view the video via your phone- watch it through your laptop or computer.)



Top: @Wear.instyle

Skirt: Random thrift store in Rongai

Shoes: Platform- Two Rivers Mall

Photography: me

S/o to bae for coming through with the edit on the pictures. 

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  • Al

    Wow u look great. If I worked in ur office I wouldn’t get anything done u look so good id be distracted all day. ;) I love the red top it looks really nice on u and I like ur classy style. x x x

  • Shawn

    Where do you work again, I transfer fast haha

  • Viv

    Yaaaaasssss guuurl!!! Loving the post