One Shoulder Obsessions

May 9, 2018
sharon edited-9

So you know how you see a trend and at first you’re a little sceptical only for you to try it and fall in love with it? This is how I feel about the one shoulder trend.

I got this lovely piece as a birthday gift from my babe Dhvani and I’m honestly obsessed with it. The best thing about this trend is how extra it is, I’m starting to think that it’s even better than the off shoulder trend.

sharon edited-15sharon edited-4sharon edited-12

The secret to wearing it is of course, make sure you have a great bra to hold the babies together then pair the top with pants like I did, jeans or a skirt and you’re good to go.sharon edited-8sharon edited-10Another great thing about this trend is that you can literally wear it anywhere, except the office lol. Depending on how extra the top is, for example the ruffles in mine make it very extra so I would probably wear it to an event, wedding or even brunch.sharon edited-1What trends are you currently in love with? Let me know!



Top: @sashascollection_ke (Instagram)

Pants: Thrifted

Shoes: @shoestruckke (Instagram)

Earrings: @beautygalorekenya (Instagram)

Photography: @glaubenphotography (Instagram)

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  • June Cynthia

    More of an off-both-shoulders kinda person but i could try this ..impressive