Prints And Colors

March 25, 2015

Hi Guys. Hope your week is going well so far. For This week’s post, I decided to take a little break from my fashionable five series and get in front of the camera. 

As you know, spring has sprung and this season is all about colors and fun prints.


I incorporated these two trends and put together a printed skirt, a bright pink top and gold sandal heels.







I bought this top at Toi Market for just 250 shillings. The color caught my eye and I didn’t even have to try it on. Such solid colors practically go with anything. You could pair such a top with black/blue pants for a casual look or a high waist midi skirt for a more official/work look.


As for the skirt, i found it on an online store based in Tanzania which is @fashoonista on Instagram. I love how reasonable their prices are and how unique their stuff is so I don’t mind the little extra cost for shipping.


Prints are fun to play around with although mixing them is a bit risky. Doing a solid colored bottom or top with the printed garment is more advisable, like I did with the pink top.

I also bought the shoes from the same online store and although they’re a pain to walk in all day, beauty is pain, right?


You can opt for flats for a more comfortable look or throw on a jacket on a cold day.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post, please feel free to leave a comment like what you’d want me to try next or a question if you have any. I really appreciate the feedback you guys give. For my next post, I have something special for the men so stay ready!


Yours Fashionably,



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  • Kevin Gicho

    On fleek Sharon :) do they deal with male stuff too?

    • Sharon Mwangi

      They probably do, check them out :)

  • Lily

    Lol reasonable is relative :) their skirts are 6gs

    • Sharon Mwangi

      If my memory serves me right, I bought this skirt for 2k only, so you just have to look a bit and you’ll find those in reasonable prices.

  • Lorraine Tina

    Really really gorgeous sharon ;) What a nice combination :) Love your work.

  • Don Mugambi
  • Lehautestyle

    Finding ways to steal those shoes . Great post ❤️

    • Sharon Mwangi

      Come for them.

  • Ruby

    Lovely what’s the online shop called?

    • Sharon Mwangi

      @fashoonista :)

  • JbMwamjeni

    Love it, keep up the beautiful work!

    • Sharon Mwangi

      Asante ☺️

  • Insatiable


    • Sharon Mwangi

      Thank you Joan!

  • EmillyMoraa

    The skirt is adorable..

    • Sharon Mwangi

      Thank you Emily!

  • Joy Kwendo

    Lovely :)

  • Linda

    This is so pretty. The skirt is a killer. Love it!

    • Sharon Mwangi

      Thank you Linda

  • Peggy

    those sandal heels…too amaizing

    • Sharon Mwangi

      Thank you Peggy! You know where to get them.

  • kopkid_


  • Anonymous

    Can you do a perfect prom look post

  • grace muriuki

    Love and love

  • valentine nyabuti

    This is wow!!

  • Ochola David

    This just nailed it!!