Skirts And Curves

February 14, 2015

Hello Loves. So this is my first post ever on the blog. I thought it was about time I finally shared my love of all things fashion with you guys and many more things that I have in store but will stay under wraps for now. Above all, I’m here for all your fashion needs.

For this post I decided to go with a ‘classic Shary’ look. My wardrobe is filled with so many black and white clothes so when I found this skirt I just fell in love with it.


I paired it with a black plain crop top but you can try other styling options like a vest or just a simple top of any color.


For the shoes, I decided to go with a classic black heel. For a casual day look you can opt for sandals, especially with the sunny Nairobi weather.


I love how this skirt can be used to achieve so many versatile looks. I added a pink blazer and pink pumps for a night look, could be dinner , an event, or a night out.


This skirt can literally be worn by anyone of any shape or size. Especially for the girls with curves, this is the skirt to flaunt those gorgeous curves with!
You know what I loved most about this skirt? Its price. I bought it for just 500 Kshs at Toi Market & the crop top was 350 Kshs at Mr Price. So you can achieve this look for just 850 Kshs. How great is that?


Happy  Valentines Loves & To many more posts!
Yours Fashionably, Shary.


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  • Lorraine Tina

    Wow Just Wow… PERFECT!!!… This is really Gorgeous Sharon. Waiting for more Posts :)…

    • Miss Mwangi

      Thank you Lorraine. Stay tuned for more :)

  • JbMwamjeni

    Lovely!! I looove it.

    • Miss Mwangi

      Thank you Mr Photographer!

  • Don Mugambi

    Nice job on your first post..but the last part you never included the price for the shoes.

    • Miss Mwangi

      Thank you for the feedback, I’ll be sure to include the price of shoes in the next post. Thank you for reading.

  • Angela Ola

    Love it!!! Well in!!!! and I look forward to having you wear the Angela Ola brand soon.

    • Miss Mwangi

      Thank you Angela. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Ronnick Nachok

    Well articulated Sharon :)
    Totally loved the piece. I’m already a self acclaimed Number 1 fan.

    • Miss Mwangi

      Thank you for the support Ronnick!

  • Kevin Mukuche

    Looking gorgeus. Lovely fashion tips that are affordable. Halla when you venture into men’s clothing. Your feminine touch would do wonders.

    • Miss Mwangi

      Thank you Kevin. Stay tuned.

  • Lukase

    Lovely. This looks promising. Keep it up.

    • Miss Mwangi

      Thank You Lukase.

  • Ivy Stephanie

    Hey, i love the lipstick…please tell us the number and which it is? thanks

    • Miss Mwangi

      Hi Ivy. It’s Nouba Millebaci. Number 7.

  • Wendy Blake

    Hey sharon…good work you can do it

    • Sharon Mwangi

      Thank you Wendy

    • Miss Mwangi

      Thank You Wendy.

  • Vivian Ngarega

    Great Job Sharry… I like :)
    Proud of you..

    • Miss Mwangi

      Thank you Vivan!

  • rozet

    Nice piece

    • Miss Mwangi

      Thank you Rozette.

  • Linda

    Wow!This is nice Sharon. Keep it up! Looking good.

    • Miss Mwangi

      Asante Linda.


    you look awesome…hope you are not on IG…. loveable and smart.. looking forward to see you introducing men’s wear

    • Miss Mwangi

      Coming soon. Stay tuned.

  • Michelle Khalai

    You look splendid

    • Sharon Mwangi

      Thank you Michelle.

  • mkenya

    we need more girl

  • Terrie

    woow’ breathtaking. loving ua style. cant wait to see what else you;ve gat

    • Sharon Mwangi

      Stay tuned! Thank you for reading.

  • Abdulsamad Alawi

    yo, we need male section too…Just a suggestion….

    • Sharon Mwangi

      Coming soon!



  • sarafina

    cant wait for the other posts..:)
    #excitement i have discovered a new-anti_cliche Fashion Blog.I believe u have sth fresh and untapped to offer in the fashion scene!!!!!!

    • Sharon Mwangi

      You just made my day. Thank you so much. Stay tuned I have a lot in store. Thank you for reading :)

  • Mercedes Marie

    Love the bold pop of pink with the stripes.

    Mercedes Marie