Thigh High Funkiness

February 24, 2015


I hope ya’ll are having a lovely week so far. I’ve been working on this post and this look in particular for a while now. I didn’t know what exactly to do it but I’m excited for you all to see the end result.

I put together a simple black vest, a white skater skirt and thigh high socks plus boots for this look.



Thigh high socks have been a trend for the past couple of months and can be paired with anything, as long as it’s short. I’ve been longing to try them for such a long time so when I got them at Toi market for just a hundred shillings I was beyond excited.


For other outfit ideas, you could try short shorts for a night out, a short loose dress or a skater dress or skirt like I did. I had to fold the socks to knee length since the skirt was a bit too long for the socks.


I’ve had this skirt for the past two or so years. I found the material at home from my mum’s stack and the fact that it was black and white just did it for me.


I personally prefer getting clothes tailor made than buying at stores  because they tend to fit better. I got the skirt done at Kidosho – I think they’re located at Prestige Plaza now – for around 1000/1500 Kshs which was a bargain considering such skirts or dresses usually go for more in retail shops.


Apart from thrift shopping I also love buying (shoes in specific) on online shops especially on Instagram. This way, you get nice unique shoes which most of the time are cheaper than in actual shops.

I found these particular boots on @glam_kenya on Instagram for just 2800 Kshs. They’re most comfortable heels I have and that’s what I Iove most about them.


For a more sophisticated and versatile look, ditch the boots plus the socks and put on a pair of black pumps.



You could also just put on a pair of simple sandals for a day to day look.


This is definitely a look that can be pulled of by anyone of any shape or size. Fashion is all about trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone so get your thigh high socks, pumps or sandals and try this look too!

Enjoy the rest of your week loves.
Stay ready for my next post, I have a something exciting lined up.


Yours Fashionably,

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  • Ronnick Nachok

    The black pumps cut out a very sophisticated look. The sandals just made it a very simple yet dashy look particularly for a weekend. I like the overall setup :)
    Keep at it ;)

    • Sharon Mwangi

      Thank you Ronnick & Thank you for reading.

  • Makena

    i love the style a bit risque for me but pretty good …..

    • Sharon Mwangi

      Thank you! Go for it sometime.

  • Peter Oluoch

    I love the dress. Very nice. I would love to buy such for my baby when she grows up. She is now 9 months. Regards, Peter Oluoch,

  • theoluchi


    • Sharon Mwangi

      Thank you Vanessa.

  • debbie mwikali

    Quite an interesting post. I would say instead of the black pumps, open toed wedges would do better because it looks more like a casual dress down look than dress up going to church look which the pumps make it look like. Anyway great post and keep up the good job

    • Sharon Mwangi

      Thank you for the feedback Debbie. Noted!

  • Viv

    I like… :)

  • Lorraine Tina

    Too Superb :)

    • Sharon Mwangi

      Thank you Lorraine

  • Cara Siskova

    You look amaaazing!!! Love it.

  • Eden


  • hokey w

    I think your outfit is great. I think you performed the right move by folding down the socks. I personally think knee socks exhibit their maximal and optimal effectiveness when they come all the way to the knee – not over; and not much below. And I do not think it matters on how short the skirt, dress or shorts are. The overt knee anatomy: both front, back and sides, is a very attractive part of the leg and is only evident when not covered by OTK socks. So why cover it, but make it stand out with all the way to the knee (classic knee socks) socks instead. Also the cuff they form when folded down at the knee adds extra pizazz, elegance, and formality to the look. I do not see enough of this more traditional look in socks – wear that much. It seems that OTK dominates. You have a terrific look on this page I must say, and keep it up.

  • Pmarket

    Everything you got here is really…. Sexy from the skirt the shoes/boots.. Yourself.. Really